Crypto Currency of Industrial IoT Culture


COIC Whitepaper & Yellowpaper

Beyond the IoT Boundaries

Rather, we aim to lower th entry barrier for companies who want to adopt IoT solutions by establishing a comprehensive and reliable IoT ecosystem.

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We are COIC Platform

A sustainable growth model combining blockchain technology with an IoT platform.
Why choose Us?

BLOCKCHAIN & IoTHyperconnected Society Based on Trust.

The economy is said to be based on trust. New technology proves its value when it is built on the base of trust. The future will be developed as a hyperconnected society, and the technological progress, made through the connection between IoT and a blockchain that has proven its value through cryptocurrency, will play a crucial role. The market and the user will engage in more trustworthy and reasonable consumption, and this demand is expected to foster the development of the blockchain based B2B market. Our philosophy is radically improving daily transaction environments through COIC (Cryptocurrency of industrial IoT culture).

Why choose Us?

VISIONWhy we do what we do.

Our goal is not something grandiose such as "the advancement of blockchain technology". We are ultimately oriented towards breaking down the boundaries between isolated devices, building a comprehensive global IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem. Apart from the advancement of hardware technology, we envision a future IoT world in which smart transaction methods based on private blockchains can be changed according to various conditions within the IoT environment. Through this ecosystem we will build a smart system in which we can safely store the user's B2B assets, and reward exemplary members of the ecosystem with B2B assets in the form of coins.

Why choose Us?

WHAT WE DOBasics of COIC Platform.

The COIC Platform provides convenient installation and configuration functions and can be easily customized as user-defined blockchains. In addition, configuring new nodes is so simple that you can participate in the existing blockchain as a full node with a single command, and all configurations are automatically replicated and shared within the system. At the same time, the user sends an IoT contract, which is attatched with a program, to the gateway or the device. The device receives the IoT contract, interprets it and then executes it. The user can send transactions that access or control gateways or devices that have been explicitly authorized.

Introducing coic

Next generation IoT Platform
Beyond Technology into the Wider World.

COIC coin opens a new horizon in the IOT market through the blockchain.

Innovative technologies and solutions keep moving beyond corporations and individuals, in order to deliver greater value to the world.

COIC Pre-Sales

The world's first utility coin to combine IoT and the blockchain

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